Pre-Marital Counselling and Preparation

Marriage is a team. Win together or lose together. Invest a little time and energy to build a strong and healthy marriage in the future. When two of people meet and decide to get married, they usually offer their marriage with a lot of hope and hope that their marriage will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, the statistics show us the real gap between what we enjoy in marriage and what many of us find: divorcing or joining an unhappy marriage. Why this and how can you start to guide your wedding in the right direction?

In Love Life Counselling, we feel very happy for couples who are starting to grow old together. However, it is unfortunate that many couples end up being disappointed and frustrated, victims of abuse and resentment after a few years of marriage. That’s why I encourage you to think about investing time in a short wedding preparation session before walking down the aisle.

Get ready for the wedding and do it well

Our Counselling provides pre-marital counselling to prepare you for the challenge but is a beautiful part of the rest of your life as a team. Couples manage to invest in preparing for the inevitable pressures, problems and conflicts they may face during their marriage before difficulties arise. Our treatment and family counseling in Love Life Counselling designs services for your relationship to grow and develop by practicing the skills you’ll need to build a satisfying, safe and rewarding marriage.

Taking the time to participate in pre-marital counselling will increase your understanding of yourself and your partner’s personality, temperament, family history, and differences, and will make it easier for you to lay a solid foundation for your future. Love Life Counselling recommends that you commit to 6 sessions for a few exclusive hours per week/week. These sessions will be adapted to your personality. Your unique consulting package will be tailored to your needs, preferences and availability.

Each session is relaxed and will help you understand how to succeed in your partnership. In our counseling session, you and your partner will have the opportunity to talk about your projects, your dreams, and your fears. Your counselor will develop questions and activities that you can take home and enjoy, so that you can design, build, and realize your vision for a lifetime of teamwork.

Your past can affect your future.

Everyone will also have the opportunity to reflect on how their past will affect their future. If you or both are subject to sexual abuse, violence, emotional neglect, alcoholism, drug addiction, divorce, abandonment, etc. somewhere in your past, it may be essential to take some time to start and deal with these abuses before you get married. You will find that some pre-marital counselling can help you recover and recover from abuse or trauma in the past if it is appropriate for you or your partner.

It is advisable to ask for a pre-marital counseling 4 to 7 months before your wedding date to have the time and space to make this investment of the highest importance in your life together. Pre-marital counselling sessions will be designed to meet your unique needs as a couple and will include some of the following common areas of pre-marital counselling:

The expectations of marriage
Essential needs of husband and wife
Five languages of love
Understand and manage differences
A dance between proximity and distance
Sex and passion
Communicate and listen actively
Packages and conflict resolution
Relationship Roles
Children & Parenting
financial administration

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