Our Parenting Counsellor is a professional counsellor in parenting and helps each client to achieve their goal.

We believe that marriage is about vision and parenting is a business. Parenting is not just a means of giving birth to a child, but it is said to be the act of taking total obligation or liability of the family wants and desires which includes: training, shelter, caring, education and so on. It also means, fulfilling the mandate of giving birth to its maximum capability through caring, loving, tutoring and discipline.

At Love Life Counseling, you will benefit from parenting counselling. We will help you to know and give you more understanding that parenting is not just a medium of childbearing and raising them, but an act of enabling that those children are responsible and well behaved in the community and reach their targeted goal in life. Children that cannot be trained, tutored, nurtured, and strengthen financially, morally, mentally and even educationally will be a problem to the society. It would be of parental breach of duty if a parent did not plan his home, family, children that can be appropriately taken care of and always work to meet the required demands of the family.

Parenting support here is the best way to acquire broad and having the perfect knowledge to do with good parenting. Our discussion and topics taught in our sessions focus on the groundwork of parenting and are based on latest and proper scientific research relating to parenting and evidence-based. The parenting counselling are adequately designed to help parents in the appropriate training of their children.

We encourage and build visionary parents by moulding individuals with distinguished characters and attitude towards training and upbringing of their children and raising visionary parents.

We will ensure their children get primary needs met with proper care. And we will assist you to raise your children in Godly manners by showing love to your children without any differences or disparity and moulding them to be role models for your children.

Are you struggling with any parenting issue?  

We love to help you; we will offer you parenting support; we believe therapy can help you feel better and bring more joy to your children and your life.

As a parent of a new baby, at instances, you could feel insufficient as a parent for now not understanding how to help your child. Lonely and missing support from your husband, own family and friends. Concerned or responsible due to the fact you do no longer yet experienced a reference to your baby. Low strength, lacking the motivation to do whatever. Exhausted, tired and impatient.Green with envy of the time it takes to care for a child. While you are feeling overwhelmed or down, it is miles tough to offer your quality for your infant. There may also be some developmental issues that a toddler and a parent need counsellor/therapist can help with.

Parents of pre-school children… 

As a parent of a preschool child, you will be concerned about what your child is experiencing: Developmental delays — language problems and social or emotional immaturity. Problem referring to peers and grown-ups— (autistic spectrum disorder). Behavioural issues—aggressive at home or school. Continually arguing and no longer taking note of you. Sleep problems—refusing to visit bed or sleep on his or her very own. Nightmares after trauma. Apprehensive or tense about leaving you or the home/refuses to stay in day-care. Issue getting at the side of friends because of aggressive conduct. Problems adjusting to a brand new domestic and faculty following adoption. Common and intense mood-tantrums which are hard to govern. Issue adjusting to determines divorce and to lifestyles in homes.

As a parent of a pre-school infant, you may be concerned about your child’s improvement. Worried that your baby seems unhappy. Feeling responsible or insufficient as a parent. Feeling pissed off that your toddler is controlling your whole family you struggle with your partner because you have got particular or different parenting patterns. Concerned about your ability to handle your child as he or she gets older.  The move to parenthood; dealing with changes in your family can be overwhelming.

For most of us, dealing with life changes or experiencing conflict, discontent or hurt can negatively impact on the quality of our relationships with our partner, extended families, children or colleagues.

We will focus on the issues that concern you the most relating to your children. We will help you to manage conflict and finding positive solutions to concerns about your children. Learning alternative parenting skills can improve the quality of your relationship and your life.

  • Children and Family Therapy: For children Age 7 and over or parents.
  • Adolescents And Family Therapy: For Youth Age 12 and over or parents.

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