Our Purpose

Transforming your life can be challenging, yet exciting and rewarding. We are passionate about helping people discover inner peace through a highly interactive and therapeutic approach and care for every Disability client and their families. We are Passionate about a world where everyone belongs and everyone grows.

Our Mission

We believe that a fun-filled, active lifestyle should be a perfect blend of a healthy mind and body. Our mission is to walk the journey with you through personalised counselling and disability support services, with the mission of improving the mental health and well-being of our community.
We’re on the NDIS journey with you!

Our Vision

To provide a vibrant and healthy community of happy people through quality and excellent mental health and Disability Services. We aim to help you find love, inner peace and freedom. For communities where there is love, peace, justice, Freedom and dignity for all people, where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and participate fully in community life.

Core Values

To honour our steadfast commitment to empowering people, challenging them to new heights and by fostering a collaborative and safe environment which encourage our clients to live better. In all we do, we believe that our reputation is more important than instant rewards.

One of the core values that define much of Love Life counselling culture is “Respect for the Client”. Because character education is part of our offerings, we must value the counselling-learning process. We strive each day to develop mutual respect and act responsibly in all our relationships.

Person-Centred Service.
We understand that every individual is unique, so we respect your choices and decisions. We employ a flexible, evidence biased approach and put our client at the centre of everything we do. We provide a happy and conducive environment that exceeds their expectations.

Our belief in excellence reflects our unwavering passion for striving for the best customer experience. Excellence is the primary driver to achieving goals effectively and efficiently, and to stretching our limits and unleashing our potentials. We set the standard in service delivery through a non-judgemental and safe counselling.

Professionalism is the peak of competence, quality, diligence, cooperation and knowledge related to how we provide our services. At Love Life Counselling, we shall continuously uphold high-quality well-being service, ethical and quality standards regarding listening and counselling provided.  We also uphold the highest level of spiritual excellence.

Without trust, we are leading nowhere. Without personal care, we will lose good clients on a steady basis. Together, we are stronger. We pride ourselves on this philosophy for our daily operations. We work closely with our client significantly and partner with other service providers to support our clients when needed. In addition, we collaborate with other professionals and businesses while upholding our values.

Why Love Life Counselling?

Knowledge and expertise.
We are qualified, registered and professional Christian counsellor and family therapists. We practice under a strict code of ethics and professional conduct, governed by The Australian Counselling Association. Find out how we can help with your challenges.

Effective and practical strategies.
Through our highly interactive and comprehensive sessions, we help identify gaps in your self-understanding using the right practical strategies — regardless of the variables involved. We use flexible counselling processes to help you discover inner peace and relationship challenges.

Sustainable positive changes.
Your awareness, beliefs, attitudes and sense of direction all make a difference in the process. We evaluate these mental components as a first step in identifying your current situation. Through our counselling solutions, we will drive you towards positive and sustainable personal change through your entire body-mind system.

Cost effective.
We want to be able to continue to provide this effective service to everyone regardless of what your pocket says. To this end, we offer affordable Counselling to individuals that wish to use our services.

Flexibility and convenience.
Our ultimate aim is for you to relax and open up, based on your own schedule. During our sessions, we do our best to make our clients very comfortable. Especially clients who suffer from phobias or anxiety disorders. What could be more comfortable than your own home? Yes, we do home visits. We provide home visit therapeutic support for people with disabilities and their family. Get in touch today!