Online Counselling

Secure and flexible consulting solutions are provided by video zoom. Wherever you are in Australia, you can get the assistance of an experienced online counselling. Are you an employee, a single parent, do you have difficulty getting out of your home, do you live in an Australian region, are you a full-time caregiver or are you just struggling like many of people these days? Online  Counselling can be a practical solution for you. Secure and flexible online counselling solutions are provided by Phone and video zoom. Wherever you are in Australia, you can call on an experienced Love Life Counselling online consultant.

Phone Counselling

If your preference is to speak to someone by phone there are 24 hours service for you. Share your story confidentially with a professional Counsellor and psychotherapist who will listen. Please contact us first to complete the intake form and then one of our friendly counsellors will assist you to book your session. So, what stopping you, Get started now.

Online Viedio Counselling

What do you need?

All you need is a computer connected to the Internet. The online consultation involves an individual conversation with a counsellor through zoom video. Your connection must be stable and reliable. We will send you a link to your online counselling room.

What do you expect?

Once you have completed the contact form or booked online, we will contact you via email, which will ask you for detailed information about what you are looking for and how we will eventually meet your needs and respond to your needs and answers all your questions. If you think our online Counselling can meet your needs, an appointment will be made with you. Before your first session, you will be asked to complete basic confidential information form asking for necessary information about yourself and why you are seeking Counselling. You will also be asked to read the terms and conditions and service agreement to be signed and email it to your counsellor. You will be asked to book online to pay for the counselling session 24 hours before the meeting. Please consult the fee page.

In your first session, your counsellor will invite you to share your concerns and problems and ask you what you hope to achieve from counselling/treatment. Using this information, your counsellor will be able to Understand your problem this it may take three sessions in some cases then he will develop a plan that meets your personal needs and give you an estimate of the number of sessions you may need. It is important to provide honest information as it will determine treatment outcomes.

Video sessions take between 50- 60 minutes.

Please submit a request now or Book online now.
Attn: if you are eligible for an online consultation. Please read carefully the below points and feel free to contact us if you need further clarification.

Sessions by video do not suit you if you:
1. Suicide or risk of injury or injury to others (please call 000 or Lifeline 131 131)
2. You have a mental condition or suffer from psychosis.
3. Drink alcohol or other drugs.

Get In touch call us at 0405872286.