Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling can help you eliminate harmful communication and thinking, explore new strategies, and learn new skills to help restore and strengthen your relationship and family. We take a focused approach to hope with our married couples and provide them with a secure space for reconnection, healing and restoring.

Our marriage counselling services

 Couples often come to Love Life Counselling for Marriage counselling and sometimes experience despair, anxiety, deep wounds, anger, fear and bitterness. All couples experience pressures and conflicts in their relationships over time – this is normal and natural. How does the couple manage these pressures that will make the difference between those couples who thrive and those who struggle and who despair?

Marriage counselling in Love Life Counselling focuses on hope and strives to reform and strengthen the couple’s love, their ability to trust, to act with respect, to deal with harms, betrayals and disappointments, to manage the pressure of life, to create pleasure and companionship, to practice healthy communication and to find pleasure in leading a satisfying sex life.

How marriage counselling assistance can support you.

Marriage is a real crucible in life. It is the ideal vessel to warm and remove impurities of our least perfect and personal nature, unresolved damage, past traumas, distorted thoughts, insecurity and pride. Mix two people in this crucible and have the ability to heal, strength, personal development, fractures, sadness and more injuries.

Marriage counselling can help you eliminate harmful communication and thinking, explore new strategies, and learn new skills to help restore and strengthen your relationship and family. Daniel Weldemichial, a marriage counsellor in Love Life counselling, is a licensed therapist who is passionate about helping couples and families cope with conflict, despair, business, gender and intimacy, disappointment or grief. Their relationships and their family.

The importance of counselling for marriage

Our marriage Counselling and Family Therapy the institution of marriage is viewed with great respect and honour. Husband and wife are extremely stressed in today’s society and will most likely need to support nectar, courage and skill throughout their life cycle. Daniel seeks to provide emotional and sensitive support to couples seeking our services.

Typical issues discussed during marital counselling include:

·        Unhealthy ways of communication – a Power struggle

·      An absence of an emotional relationship

·        Break the trust of betrayal and disbelief

·        The impact of marriage dependency, especially pornography addiction

·        Effect of abuse on the relationship

·        The toxic effects of anger are mismanagement, resentment and bitterness.

·        Problems in the couple’s sex life (sex like Canary in the mine is an important indicator of health in the general relationship)

·        Conflict over parenting, career trends, financial issues, how to spend quality time, etc.

·        Difficulties with the extended family and the family

·        Unstable trauma and abuse of the past

·        Focus on important life events

Sometimes the marital relationship can continue well until life qualifies it as a curveball and the couple is faced with unexpected situations or crises. Such as a severe illness, trauma, abortion, the death of a child or loved one, infertility, a suicide of a family member, mental illness, job loss, etc… Always puts tremendous pressure on the marriage relationship. In such cases, marriage counselling can provide an essential space to support a marital relationship through empathy, leadership, wisdom and attentive listening. We urgently need a safe space where we can feel our painful emotions, share our stories and our broken heart held carefully. That’s what our Counseling and Family Therapy seek to offer to clients.

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