Individual Counselling

Individual counselling can be very beneficial as it can give you a real sense of security.

Various reasons abound for the presence of Individual Counselling services. An example is in the event of a divorce, and counselling is Personal Counsellingoften made available to both children and parents individually.

Another instance is if a child/ward is having issues at home, attending Individual Counselling sessions make them feel more secure and comfortable enough to want to discuss any problem that might be bothering such person. Even in marriages, if a partner is having issues that are possibly making them afraid of their safety, Individual Counselling can help them feel secure enough to pour out their fears and receive the help that they might desperately need.

At Love Life Counselling, Individual Counselling sessions we can assist to strengthen the bonds between a child and their parents. Ultimately, it helps children to get to realise that their parents respect them and their privacy by allowing them to attend individual counselling sessions. By making inquiries on how their child is getting in tune with their counselling sessions, they will be constructively discussing the issues; the child needs help in dealing with while making their child be in control of how much they are comfortable sharing with their parents at such moments.

Why Individual Counselling?

Individual Counselling is not intended to take the place of the conventional support groups, such as your family, friends, etc. It is instead designed to augment those support groups, as well as to move beyond where that support ends. Individual Counselling can support individuals in many different ways. Some may be helping them to build self-confidence and self-esteem, clarify and resolve issues of concern, identify and solve relationship problems, improve work performance, improve interpersonal communication skills, learn how to resolve conflict, manage loss, grief and deal with depression, stress and anxiety in life.

In our counselling session, you will become more self-aware and acquires a profound vision of yourself. This understanding promotes greater self-acceptance and self-appreciation, encouraging you to continue to improve your strengths to change for the better when necessary. As a result, you may become more willing to change your way of thinking, behaving and feeling. Along with self-awareness, you also more aware of those around you. You will understand others better – why they do what they do, what motivates them and what matters to them. This increased sensitivity and understanding opens the door to the building and maintaining stronger relationships.

Are you looking for Individual or Personal Counselling?
we can assist you with the following issues but not limited.

Anger Management
Grief, Loss, Trauma
Healthy Boundaries
Life Transitions
Sexual Issues
Stress Management

Regardless of what you’re passing through as a person, We are here to help you on the journey to recovery.

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