In-Home Care

The Home Care Package program is designed to help people continue to live at home independently and safely. The goal is to provide the care and support you need in your home so you can stay there comfortably. When you receive a home care package, the government allocates funds for your care to be paid to the service provider of your choice. We provide private in-home care as well because government subsidy home care packages can have a long wait time.

In-home care services can help you with everyday activities, which you usually undertake for yourself, but you are unable to do so because of sickness, disability or weakness. Home care services must adhere to the care plan developed with you and your service provider. Home care services do not require the supervision of a registered nurse. Therefore, your health must be stable, and you do not need to be monitored by medical personnel. In addition, your medication must be provided in a certified help such as a Webster package or a Dossett box.

In-home care services we can help you stay home longer, as well as provide options and flexibility in the way care and support are provided. Services may include personal or domestic assistance, food and nursing services, supervision of medicines, transportation, household maintenance and mobility equipment. Services are based on your individual needs, allowing you to specify the type of care you receive, how it is provided.

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