Grief and Loss Counselling

Grief, Loss and Bereavement Counselling

We also help in dealing with grief and bereavement during Grief and Loss Counselling sessions. Grief is the response to the loss of any significant object or person in our lives. The process of grief follows such losses as death, divorce, broken relationships, financial loss, lost job, an amputation, loss of health, ageing, and abandonment of significant life goals or dreams. It also includes the many indirect losses that affect people.

Any grief takes an emotional toll on the bereaved. Yes, the grieving process is quite difficult, but it is necessary for proper recovery from the traumatic event that caused the grief. Having lost a loved one, We understand how grieving works, and without professional help, the grieving process may last months and even years.

The five steps of the grief process are:
1. Denial –finding a means to deny the traumatic event occurred, disbelieving that it happened.
2. Anger -directing your anger towards the situation that caused the grief and not yourself.
3. Bargaining -offer anything, including self, to regain who or what was lost.
4. Depression -feeling down-hearted because of the agonising and painful event, possibly to the extent of having suicidal thoughts.
5. Acceptance –ultimately coming to an acceptance of the situation that brought about the grief.

Grief is a difficult and inevitable process. At least once in a lifetime, everyone will experience grief. To deal with it alone is not healthy and does not have to be like that. Allow a grief counsellor help you understand and accept that grief you are experiencing. Through the process I follow at Love Life Counselling, you will learn more about your grief and Bereavement, what it means and how it can work positively for you as an individual.

We can support you if you experience any of the following life events.

Death of a family member, friend, colleague or pet
Sudden illness yourself or someone you know
Separation or Divorce
Broken relationships, financial loss
Moving House or Leaving Home
Changing or Losing your job
Getting another year older or facing retirement
Losing possessions in a natural disaster, such as fire, flood, drought etc.
Children  And Grief (primary School age seven and over Adolescents and Grief
Bereavement in The Workplace
Grief Anniversaries and Significant Events

We deliver counselling service for children, migrants, cancer survivors, international students and mothers. Are you interested in grief counselling? Reach out to us at Love Life Counselling today. Please feel free to contact me via phone on 0405872286 or via my contact form.