NDIS coordination of support

Love Life Counselling has been providing mental health to support our community for more than three years. We have extensive networks within the community, mainstream and specialist services to assist you and your family. Through the coordination of support, we can help you to connect with these networks to develop achieve your goals.

This includes strengthening the client’s capacity to coordinate his support and participation in the community. We can provide assistance upfront in helping you find the right providers to meet your needs.

Love Life Counselling can guide you in preparing NDIS to plan your future and help you coordinate your plan. Coordination of Support services in Love Life Counselling can help you get the most out of your NDIS plan. If your situation prevents you from understanding information and actively participating in meetings, if you lack confidence at this stage of your life or if you need help in making informed decisions, you may want to consider coordination of support.

If you want this service, do not forget to ask for it at the planning meeting. The NDIA will decide if you need to coordinate support in your plan, at any level. Coordinate support while helping you connect to services that meet your goals, improve your ability to organise support, and increase your independence. The Love Life Counselling Support Coordinator can help you:

    • Understand your NDIS plan.
    • Identify the services that meet your unique needs.
    • Be more confident in talking and working with service providers.
    • Making sure your services being provide promised and expected.

Contact Love LIfe Counselling on 0405872286 for more information about how we can support you?