Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

An important step that you have taken is the decision to go for therapy, and it makes a lot of sense for many people. Attending a therapy is a secure way to unload problems and spit it all out with the assistance of a qualified professional, who is most likely to see where the difficulties in your life really lie, and how to make you a more positive person. Most times we suffer from negative feelings, then we decide to engage in risky behaviour as a coping mechanism, or turn to drugs and alcohol. To overcome these mental disturbances, your best bet is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at Love Life Counselling.

By critically examining the points and factors together in a session, we will begin to understand where those thoughts emanated from and what their mission, thereby ensuring the situation does not arise again. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is a psychotherapeutic approach used by therapists to help promote positive change in people, by analysing their thought patterns, their feelings and behavioural issues. Having difficulties with irrational thinking, dysfunctional thoughts and faulty learning are identified and then treated using CBT.

Everyone passes through moments when we are worried about something and go over and over it in our minds. There’s a way this makes us feel emotionally and in our bodies. It spreads negativity. When these feelings become so strong and destructive, self-deprecating or simply preventing us from having a great life simply because of the recurrent feeling of negativity, CBT can help. If this is what you are passing through, CBT can help you locate your typical thought patterns, put them up for challenge and aid you in developing new connections. At the end, new thoughts can be established.

In summary, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Love Life Counselling is poised to help you become aware of the thought distortions that are causing psychological distress and also of the behavioural patterns that are strengthening it, and help to correct them.

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