Child and Adolescents Counselling 

At Love Life Counselling we offer a range of counselling services to help children and youth cope with their ups and downs of life. Children and young people can face a wide range of challenges, from school problems to relationships and separation from parents. Love Life Counselling
helps children, young people, their parents and their support system.

Child Counselling 7-12 years and above
Childhood years offer a unique set of challenges for children and parents alike. Young children often find it difficult to regulate their feelings and express the complexity of their feelings. From anger attacks to social withdrawal and concerning behavioural issues such as biting and involuntary urination, children often express their distress in troubling ways. Older children may suffer from school-related problems such as social isolation, learning difficulties, or bullying.
Our counsellor’s support and guidance of children to:

Behavioural problems
Blended Family Issues
Dealing with separation and divorce
Grievance and loss
School refused
Separation anxiety
Brother conflict
Sleep issues

Our Professional child counsellors will help your child feel happy, safe and confident within themselves and your dynamic family. Love Life Counselling also provides specialised parenting counselling to support you in developing effective parenting strategies. Necessary skills include modelling and encouraging behaviour for your child, and appropriate verbal and physical responses when your child exhibits unsafe or disrespectful behaviours. Ultimately, Love Life Counselling priority is to ensure that all members of your family supported.

Counselling for adolescents 12-18 years and over
Teenage years represent a vital life phase that promises a host of new challenges. As adolescents begin to move to adulthood, they begin to develop their self-esteem by exploring their own sense of the world. There is a natural progression to move away from the family group to gain more independence. This process of excellence is an essential and necessary transition for both the adolescent and his / her family.

We Provide adolescent counselling for:
Academic difficulties
Anger management
Behavioural concerns
Body image issues
Bullying online and in school
Drug and alcohol concerns, Substance addiction
Intimidation and social problems
A conflict between parents, youth or other family members
Intimidation and social issues
Get out of the house
Shock, Grievance and loss
Conflict between persons
Relationship issues
Self-harm and suicide
Issues of self-esteem
Sleep issues
Social isolation
Stress, Anxiety and depression.
Consult other professionals.

The critical stage involves individual adolescents who experiment with new social roles, behaviours and attitudes. This exploration is part of adult identity, distinct from itself in childhood. According to decades of research, radical hormonal changes and the rapid evolution of development occur during adolescence, which is associated with high-risk behaviours. Externally problematic behaviour anger, aggression, and family conflict may appear, or the adolescent may absorb his feelings about the transition to adulthood anxiety, depression, and family withdrawal. Adolescent counselling is an invaluable therapeutic tool designed to help adolescents understand themselves, their behaviour and their interaction with others during this critical time of development.

Our counsellor and teen specialists will support your teenager to feel happy, safe, confident in themselves and your family’s dynamism. We provide counselling to parents who need support with the well-being of their families, and with the incredibly complex role of parenting. There is no need for parenting strategies, but effective education strategies can make a big difference to a child’s safety and behaviour.

Growth can be an exciting and enjoyable experience – especially when children and adolescents learn the skills and support needed to develop flexibility and a sense of intrinsic worth. We can help you and your children achieve and maintain well-being in all areas of life.

The choices of young people and young families and their parents help to build healthy relationships. Young people face challenges, struggling with their boundaries, their constraints, their consequences, their problems at school or home, their personal difficulties and their relationships

How can we help you?
All about you. That’s why we have customised counselling sessions tailored to your needs. The consultations last one hour and can be weekly or monthly depending on your situation.

Our sessions are entirely confidential, and the right to privacy is protected. The information will not be disclosed without your permission or by law, for example, to protect a person from harm. Our professionals are professionally trained in developing healthy relationships and positive relationships.

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