Children & Youth care

Love Life Counselling Disability services provide a wide range of individual and community support for children and their families. We believe that the priority of our youth support workers is to encourage the development of pro-social behaviours, to promote self-worth, to feel well-being and to be inclusive. We specialise in supporting young people with moderate needs.

As a specialist in supporting people with disabilities, children and their families are a powerful focus of Love Life Counselling community services. We want to ensure that children and young people are protected from abuse, support and environments to thrive.

This includes:

Specialist in providing support services to young people with disabilities who have challenging behaviours

Emergency care, what we offer

  • Young workers: Our young workers are trained to intervene in non-violent crises (NVCI) to provide support and care using a therapeutic approach. We also specialise in providing support services to young people with disabilities and those who exhibit challenging behaviours.
  • Transitional placement: We provide transitional placements for young people who are leaving, moving to disability services or waiting for a place of residence
  • Community Support and Access: We provide assistance in bringing youth back to school and reaching out to the community and building beneficial relationships with peers and community groups.
  • Emergency care: Love Life Counselling Disability Service provides support services and immediate staff in response to emergency care situations. We can provide these services in a variety of locations, conditions, and continue both short and medium term from early intervention, prenatal support, child protection, and out-of-home care.

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