What is case management?

We have been providing programs and services to schools and youth organizations in Adelaide. We believe in the importance of using creative activities and participation to help individuals and groups achieve their personal goals.

We have an experienced and qualified team of young practitioners who provide quality management services and youth-related support services. We work with a group of partners to work together to achieve positive results for each youth as well as for youth groups. We focus on supporting and developing practices within our team, including in a multidisciplinary context, on ensuring a holistic approach to youth support.

How can we help?

We are committed to conducting accurate assessments, with clear therapeutic intent, to provide goal-based planning and case management to help young people reach their potential, includes a range of activities aimed at raising awareness and developing skills and encouraging the positive thinking of the young people with whom we work side by side and with their families. We provide these services when and where youth and their families need them; This includes school site work, alternative education programs, community centers, service sites, family homes, and any other place in the community where youth feel safe.

Connected Self provides systematic support to the practice for all young practitioners, including continuing education, training workshops, and specialized training. We recognize the importance of staying abreast of the latest support networks and ensuring strong partnerships to provide multi-system approaches, especially for young people with larger and more complex needs, This ensures that all our young practitioners equipped with the tools they need to provide young people with high-quality management and support.

Our framework of practice supports ongoing collaboration with specialized support form other specialists who can provide clinical support to young practitioners to help inform our interactions with youth.

How to access our case manager?

If you would like to access case management, please contact 0405872286 or email a contact@lovelifecounselling.com.au