Assist Life Stage Transition

At Love Life Counselling, we understand that the focus for people with disabilities and their families is often just getting through each day.

There are many transition points throughout any life stage – from starting school to leaving home to getting the first job, volunteer or retirement from work. Each of these stages of life can benefit from a planned approach that examines individual abilities, individual needs and goals. With proper planning and extensive networking, we can support you in setting plans to help you achieve your goals.

We know that transitioning to a new life stage is a challenging time for anyone; and if you have a disability, it can be that much harder. At Love Life Counselling we excel at helping NDIS participants through life stage transitions, no matter where you are in life now and where you want to go. One of the most significant areas of life stage transition is, of course, transitioning into the workforce. Gaining employment while you’re on the NDIS is possible and made more comfortable with the help of our highly professional and supportive team. We can be with you all the way, from improving your skills to applying for work and even helping you get to interviews.

Our NDIS Assist Life Stage Transition Support

Our NDIS Assist Life Stage Transition program includes short- and long-term support that focus on strengthening the participant’s ability to coordinate their support and to assist them to live at home and participate in their community, covers:

  • Support connection
  • Including coordination of support
  • Assistance with accommodation tenancy obligations life transition planning includes mentoring, peer support.
  • Life transition planning including mentoring, peer support and individual skill development
  • Assistance with Individual skill development assistance with decision making, daily planning and budgeting.
  • Work skills enhance your existing skills or gain brand new skills which will improve your chances of becoming employed. We can help you identify your skill strengths and create a strategy to build them up to the best of your ability.
  • Improve your interpersonal skills, your confidence with communication and your interview skills. Having these skills improved with the assistance of the Love Life Counselling team gives you the most excellent possible chance of getting that job you want.
  • Employment preparation: we can assist you in finding job listings and sending your application in. Resume and cover letter writing are essential skills our team can help you with, as is providing everything you need to be fully prepared for any job interviews you may be called for.
  • Assistance in employment: once you have a job, or if already have an existing job, we can help you get the most out of it. Everything from helping you get to your place of work, to maintaining communication with your employer and fellow staff members, Love Life Counselling can be with you all the way as you keep your independence and confidence through meaningful, paid employment.

Our Case Management Services

Our case management services can assist people with disabilities and their families to strengthen their abilities to arrange their supports, including planning, coordination and budgeting.
By developing these skills, we empower these people and families to live independently and participate in their communities.

Our supports are tailored to suit the circumstances of each and their family. The ultimate aim is to build their capacity to manage their lives confidently and independently.

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