Addiction Counselling

Addiction is an everyday word that has a lot of impact on the life of many people. As the world has advanced, the same thing applies to addiction, which is a habit that damages, jeopardises or reduces one’s life and if not controlled, causes trauma.

At Love Life Counseling services, we engage in individual or Family therapy to deal with the addictions privately and handle them personally. Also offering group therapy as added support for our clients who may feel left alone or lonely in their strife to possess their freedom from addiction. Our addiction counselling sessions are life changing and help you bring back your stability.

With the help of God and Daniel Weldemichial, you will possess the ability to control your emotion, and physiological alertness and also create a safe environment which encourages and enable clients to live the better life, achieve their highest full potential and live a fulfilling life.

Addictions do not have to take charge and destroy lives; we have proffered some solutions to beating addictions. Addiction Counselling enables our clients to take total and absolute charge of their lives.

Do you think you are addicted to a particular behaviour or something such as

Gambling addiction,
Drug addiction,
Internet surfing,
Alcohol addiction
Sex addiction
Tobacco or nicotine
Food addiction

And so on which can deteriorate your growth physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally? Do you want to move beyond your state of difficulty, pain and stress? If you are ready to open up and willing to take action today, you will have the life you love tomorrow. Addiction counselling definitely will assist you.  Get in touch. Please feel free to contact me via phone on 0405872286 or via my contact form.