Welcome to Love Life Counselling Services, where we provide Christian counselling, family therapy services and NDIS Therapeutic Support, to support diverse clients’ wellness. Our service is open to all, regardless of your age, gender, sexual preference, culture, ethnicity, or faith. We are open to working with people who do not subscribe to any faith. We provide a confidential counselling service for people who need help with personal problems.

Counselling may serve to deepen the process of self-understanding, as well as to provide you with a sense of control over your response to your life and its challenges. Here at Love Life counselling; we instal acceptance and hope. Counselling provides an opportunity to explore your issues, what is going on for you in a non-judgmental and empathetic setting. It offers the needed time, space and a confidential environment in which you are empowered and enabled to talk about, open up, let off steam and think through whatsoever situation that has presented itself at your doorstep. We all need someone who is always there and ready to listen anytime we feel the need to bare our minds.
With technological advantage within reach, Love Life Counselling is here to help others who feel the need to confide in someone for solutions.
One small step today can change your life for a better future.
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Counselling Helps Even More Than You Think!

  • Are you facing difficulty and need to speak to a compassionate counsellor to see if counselling will assist you?
  • Are you having private or relationship trouble and wondering if counselling will help?
  • Are you depressed or careworn and wonder if a counselling will assist?
  • Is something bothering you that you can’t talk to every person?

Then come to Love Life Counselling Service. I will help you. Therapy can provide you insight into how to get out of this rut. I look forward to working together and helping you find clarity so that you can grow. 

If you have not been to therapy, you might be a little curious about how it works and whether it’s right for you. There are numerous reasons people chose to see a counsellor. The more you commit to the process the better your results. Call us on 0405872286 or email: contact@lovelifecounseling.com.au.
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Individual counselling

Individual counselling can be very beneficial as it has the capacity to give you a real sense of security. Various reasons abound for the presence of Individual Counselling services. An example is in the event of a divorce, counselling is often made available to both…

Couple counselling

One natural occurrence that is inevitable for married couples is to, once in a while, get peeved with their spouse, leading to some conflict. A major factor is if the couple are together roughly around 16-20 hours every day and for so many years.

Family relationship counselling

Family counselling can be about painful feelings or injury, issues connecting you and your spouse or any other person in the family, current living styles and diverse matters relating to the care of your children and financial amendments.

Work Related Counselling

Work lies at the heart of every community, from the smallest tribe to the biggest civilisation. Work supports society, gives structure and purpose to life, keeps the body and brain occupied and promotes a sense of satisfaction..

NDIS Disability Services

Community Participation
Development Life Skills
Assist Personal Activities
Assist Life Stage Transition
Support Coordination
Therapeutic Support


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Why You Love Working with Us?

“I never knew that depression and anxiety went hand in hand. I could never pinpoint the reasons I was anxious, would have panic attacks, or just didn’t feel how I wanted to feel. That is until I met Daniel. By going to Love Life Counselling, my perspective and overall quality of life have changed.”

“I suffered from severe panic attacks for most of my early twenties. I thought they were just a part of my life. However, Daniel showed me that anxiety and depression were the causes of my attacks. Through various steps taken in therapy, I now can say I live life without panic attacks. It’s a dream come true.”

“After countless attempts at counselling with nothing working, Love Life Counselling was my last shot. Now, after months of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Daniel will be the last counsellor I’ll ever need to see. I’m now more aware of my emotions, thoughts, and behaviours more than ever.  I owe my entire new life change to Daniel.”

“I recommend Daniel at Love Life Counseling for any and all therapy needs. Even if you are unsure of how you feel about counselling, I promise Daniel will provide you with practical, productive, and genuine assistance. He truly is along for the journey to recovery and change.”

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